Rising Moon Tai Chi Ch'uan

** Additional venue from April 2004, Christ Church, Falkirk**

Welcome to Rising Moon Tai Chi Ch’uan, dedicated to bringing the ancient arts of Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Reiki to Central Scotland. If you arrived here following a Tai Chi for Arthritis link, you may wish to go straight to my TCA page by clicking here. Otherwise you can stay here an read my preamble first!

Tai Chi has gained in popularity a great deal over the last few years, but although many have heard of it, few have had the serious opportunity to try it. There are a great many misconceptions about what Tai Chi is - some people tell you it is just a relaxation system, some say its meditation, others will tell you its a martial art, and some will tell you it is only for old people. Well I am not going to represent Tai Chi in any way  - the only thing I would ask is that you try a session for yourself - Tai Chi should be experienced,  not read about or just  watched on the Travel Channel. And that is my simple objective in setting up Rising Moon Tai Chi ....  to introduce as many people as possible to this ancient art through classes and workshops .

 I started my Tai Chi journey 8 years ago - don’t ask me why - it was just something that I instinctively knew I had to try, but it took me a while to find a teacher who I felt combined the ability to teach not only the mechanics, but also open up some of the deeper aspects of Tai Chi. I did not expect all those years ago that I would go on to be fortunate enough to train also, albeit briefly, with some of the leading Tai Chi practitioners in Europe and the USA. Their insights have helped shape my appreciation of these ancient arts and build upon the foundation I was originally given. I am still learning, and I guess I still will be long after this web-site has evaporated into cyber-space. Still less did I expect to be asked to teach, and to those students who encouraged and endured my early efforts, I owe a debt of gratitude.

So my aim in running classes and courses will be to start you on your own Tai Chi journey ... how long that journey lasts, or the ultimate destination is an individual choice. I make no claims other than that I try to make learning Tai Chi enjoyable and informative. But if you find studying and practicing Tai Chi and Qi Gong as enjoyable and life-changing as I have, then the journey will last a life-time, it will take you far beyond yourself, and even deeper within - it will be challenging, sometimes frustrating, but you will always feel that much better for the experience.You will find details here about our other work and qualification, but it is the Tai Chi which gives us most enjoyment - and helps keeps us sane in an ever-crazier world.

So welcome to Tai Chi Ch’uan

and as you journey

 May the wind be always on your back (a Chinese blessing)


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