Tai Chi For Arthritis 

This 80-minute video contains a complete exercise program designed to help people with arthritis to gain better control of their condition.

The video commences with a general introduction. Medical experts discuss why exercise is important for people with arthritis. The Tai Chi program begins with warm-up exercises. You will then be guided through the Basic 6 Movements that form the core of the program. When you are ready, you can progress to the Advanced 6 Movements to improve your skill.

The video also contains a bonus Qigong breathing exercise to promote relaxation.

Tai Chi For Arthritis 2 

Tai Chi for Arthritis 2 extends Dr Lamís original Sun-style Tai Chi programme into a longer set for those students who can comfortably complete the initial 12 movements.  





Tai Chi Qi Jong For Health 

Qigong (Chi Kung) is a mysterious part of Chinese culture, many believe it has magical powers to transform one's mental and physical health. In this video, Dr. Paul Lam will show how you can gain the many health benefits by practising this ancient Chinese art.

As well as detailed teaching of the 5 Element Qigong, it includes warm up and washing Qi (wind down) exercises and a bonus demonstration of the Sun Style 73 Tai Chi Forms.

Dr. Lam is an internationally acclaimed Qigong and Tai Chi teacher, his innovative teaching will make learning easy and enjoyable for you.

Tai Chi For Over 55's 

You can improve your fitness, flexibility, relaxation and mental concentration

Specifically designed for older adults without any prior knowledge of Tai Chi, the movements taught here are easy to learn. Based on Yang style Tai Chi, the tape includes a bonus Sitting Qigong for relaxation.


Introduction of Tai Chi
Warm-up Exercises
5 Standard Movements - forms the core of the practise for health and fitness
4 Additional Movements - for progression if you choose to Sitting Qigong - learn to relax with breathing exercises while sitting



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