Qi Gong, Exercises for Energy & Health

Qi Gong is a system of self-improvement, stemming from ancient China. It consists of a series of physical, breathing and meditation exercises, all of which aim to protect and improve one's health and well-being, prolong life expectancy and bring about spiritual awareness and insight.

According to Chinese tradition, practitioners use Qi Gong to harness the energies of the universe, bring them into balance with the energies of nature and blend thses togther in harmony with the 'Three Treasures' of human existence, essence, energy and spirit.

Now whether one accepts this traditional theory, or prefers a more millenial 'bio-mechanical energetic balancing' analysis the facts are that Qi Gong, practiced regularly is an invaluable tool in your personal armoury in terms of dealing with today's stressful lifestyle.

Qi means 'breath', 'air', 'energy' and 'vitality'

Gong means 'work', but in the context of acquiring a skill/technique that requires effort and practice to perfect.

Qi Gong pre-dates Tai Chi Ch'uan, although Tai Chi incorporates much Qi Gong within its movements. Much of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based upon the philosophy behind Qi Gong, for instance Five Element Theory, Yin and Yang, Meridian Channels. However, you don't need to study any of this in order to enjoy the benefits of Qi Gong - it just adds an extra dimension to your practice.

The two Qi Gong forms on our syllabus this year are



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