Usui Reiki Ryoho

What is Reiki?

There are so many sources of information available today, from a book in the ‘Teach Yourself’ series to William Rand’s web-site,that I really do not intend to re-invent the wheel here..  I will simply limit my comments to my own background and a word of caution for the unwary.Reiki Kanji

 Reiki in a nutshell (sounds like it should be a book title!) is a hands-on healing and relaxation technique, codified and re-introduced by Dr Mikao Usui. Practitioners are ‘attuned’ to working with a healing energy.  ‘Attunement’ involves the opening up of the bodies key energy centres, or  chakras to the flow of external energy. This process should only be undertaken by Reiki Master/Teachers who have undergone supervised training. Reiki practitioners are then able to conduct that energy (the term channel has inappropriate spiritualist connections for some) either to themselves or others.This energy then stimulates or accelerates the bodies on healing processes. Many of the benefits of either a Reiki treatment or attunement are similar in many ways to Tai Chi/Qi Gong - relaxed state, lowered blood pressure, reduced stress etc

The energy involved (ki) being similar to, but distinct from Qi. Rooted as Reiki is in Buddhist tradition, the similarities are not surprising - but remember that advanced Tai Chi/Martial Artists can use Qi to disempower an assaillant - this offensive (as opposed  to defensive) use clearly distinguishes the ~Ki of Reiki from the Qi of Qi Gong. Reiki cannot be used to deliberately harm or oppose someone. Hence my word of caution -some practitioners will teach that Qi and Ki are the same. They are indeed similar, but both need treating with respect and caution - they are not inter-changeable - anyone who says they are does not, in my view, appreciate the full power of the energies they are working with.

As a Reiki Master (with lineage traceable to Dr Usui) I offer Reiki l and ll training. Each level is taught separately over 2 days, usually at a residential centre in Central Scotland. Training includes a manual, plenty of time for practice and discussion as well as the attunements themselves. On-going support is available and a monthly practice group is usually arranged for as long as students need it.

I believe that it does take time for the body to adjust to the new energy levels, so I do not combine Reiki l & ll in a single course. I also require students to work with Reiki l for a minimum of 3 months before moving up to Reiki ll and a further 12 months before moving to Reiki lll/Masters.

Reiki lll and Master/Teacher training is taught on the same basis as I undertook my training i.e. over a period of extended study and apprenticeship - I am sorry, but I do simply not offer pot-noodle-style ‘Instant Master’ courses.

If you have trained under another Master/Teacher and would like a refresher course, or ‘booster’ attunements or re-attunement you are welcome to enrol on one of our regular courses, or these can also be arranged on an individual basis.

Courses are also available on-demand covering the Japanese Traditional Techniques such as the Hatsurei-ho.

Treatment sessions (hands-on and distance) are available. Please contact me to discuss your needs.