Sun-style 12 step Tai Chi for Arthritis

Full details of this style can be found on Dr Paul Lamsís page at

In summary however, the TCA programme is a style of tai chi that was designed in Australia specifically for people with arthritis by a professional team of rheumatologists and tai chi experts. It has certain characteristics which differentiate it from traditional styles.

  • The basic form itself is quite short, consisting only of 12 linked movements, (with an extended version available as the studentsí capability increases).
  • It contains small steps with narrower stances than Ďtraditionalí Tai Chi, which minimises balance problems.
  • It is designed to promote flexibility, strengthening, balance and co-ordination
  • It can even  be performed sitting down!
  • Approved and sponsored by the major Arthritis Associations in the UK, US, Canada and Australia                   

Since qualifying as Dr Lamís first instructor in the U.K, I have been offering courses and workshops where I can, and also trying to raise the awareness of this exercise system within the  health care community. In 2003, Arthritis Care gave public approval to Dr Lamís Instructor Training Courses.

Dr Lam has since visited the UK and to date I have assisted him train up over 100 instructors from across the UK, France and Belgium, so that this programme may be rolled out further afield. Please either contact me or Arthritis Care in London to see if there is a certified instructor in your area.

If you are a health practitioner, GP, physiotherapist etc, and would like to know more about the benefits of the TCA programme please contact me also. 

In addition to assisting Dr Lam I also run my own certificated &  non-certificated TCA workshops in UK, Eire and Benelux. If you would be interested in either attending, or acting as local facilitator, please send an e-mail to the usual address, with the country entered in the subject line.



Dr Paul Lam's TCA Programme